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High-Vibe: Seminars and Workshops




My skills as a Coach have been elevated through thoughtful, connective mentoring and mindset coaching for people who want true Life Strategy: living a life they love that aligns their values, relationships, and their work, with the time to enjoy all. I have designed my Workshops and Events to take people through a transformation during the event itself. 

If your group or organization would like to —

  • excite and involve your teams and staff in their own personal transformation

  • encourage to practice of methods that will improve their quality of thinking, their mental outlook, and thus, their actions

  • create positive, healthy habits based on a positive self-worth that make them less stressed, more positive, have more energy, better sleep and overall vitality

  • be truly productive, because they are motivated by their personal goals and higher purpose

… then let’s talk about how to make these happen for your people!

Are you ready to make a DIFFERENCE in your organization’s RESULTS?


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Short & Sweet:

Speaking Engagements & Talks



I'm an expert in the following areas, and have ready-to-deliver talks that I can customize to your organizations needs, even if you book me within 24 hours. I specialize in:

  • Storytelling for leaders : Elevate your leadership using this powerful tool 
  • Champion Mindset : How to achieve extraordinary results in your work and life
  • The Power of Positive Thinking Reprogram your mind using a simple framework 
  • Celebrate Imposture Syndrome : Simple solutions for High Achieving Women 
  • Peak Performance and Flow: How to do better with less
  • Reignited You : Generate energy and rediscover joy in your work 
  • Magnetic Leadership & Living Your Legacy : The power of your story and message
  • Fundraising Money Matters : Amplify your money mindset for a successful fundraising

 … and much, much more.

Conscious Leadership Training


Conscious Leadership focuses on accessing heightened states of consciousness that allow you to effortlessly glide through the world while creating impact. When you operate from these states, you will notice that you merge two beautiful states of being a human. I call this the merge of the Feminine and the Masculine (there are characteristics regardless of what gender you identify with). 

  • The Feminine is the energy that moves with ease, flow, access intuitive knowledge, creativity and grace that comes from inner awareness and alignment. 
  • The Masculine is the energy that is there creating a change, building, coding, writing, inventing, and pushing towards new structures.

To truly master self and lead others, you need to integrate both energetic archetypes. When you do, you lead a life or a team that is different from most: 

  • Joy: you will find joy in what you do. Work and Play becomes one. 
  • Immunity to Overwhelm: You no longer are burned with thoughts of overwhelm. 
  • Relationships: You are able to create positive energy and relationships no matter what teams you are a part of. This means all relationships are win-win and all interactions are infused with positivity and care.    
  • Inspiration on Demand: You are able to tap into ideas, creativity, and inspiration on demand.
  • Abundance: Whether it's finance, health or experiences, you start seeing and creating abundance in all areas of life. 
  • Flow and Ease: Life flow effortlessly, your trust more, and your timing feels just right. 


I have done speaking engagements and learning events throughout my time as a consultant, advisor, athlete and coach. My speaking engagements focus in the areas of emotional fitness, inspired living, relationship to money, conscious leadership, entrepreneurship, and high-performance.

I have been fortunate to have given talks for the organizations such as Antares Capital, Bank of America, PwC, Chamber of Commerce, Grant Thornton, She Money, Morgan Stanley, LA Business Journal. 

If you'd like to book me for any of my speaking topics above, send me an email [email protected] and let's talk. 

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