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STARTS January 2023


- IGNITED is an elite, high-vibe business Mastermind coaching program for women who are alive and awake and feel NOW is the time to go BIG with their PURPOSE and CALLING 

- IGNITED Mastermind will provide support to unite and ignite: THE FEMININE (your imagination, vision, intuitive guidance, emotional intelligence, abundance mindset, and your radiant feminine essence) + THE MASCULINE (plans, strategy, productivity, money, results) energies to truly live a life you LOVE.

- IGNITED is designed for women who are inspired & passionate about her life and will not compromise herself for GOOD ENOUGH in any aspects of her life any longer.

- IGNITED is a hub for amplifying your feminine & masculine to equip you with tools to create earning ideas & offers and how to show up powerfully as a thought leader, so you could create prosperity from your passion.

- IGNITED will support you in Mastering how to work with your body: its need to recover & rest, to be vibrant, action-taking and income-generating.

- IGNITED will support you to LOVE the life you have while working on the life you would absolutely love! 


Does this sound like you?


- You may have had a lot of excitement in your career but now are experiencing a shift...and are curious to explore where it's taking you.

- You desire to get to your NEXT LEVEL and have greater impact within your career and/or life in general.

- You know you are meant to be a high-vibe entrepreneur, teacher, leader, influencer, but you are not sure how to become more visible and get paid for your passion.

- You want to make a specific change - a new job, a new business, a new city. But life keeps happening and you have not been able to take that first action step.

- You have a more dominant FEMININE (intuitive) or MASCULINE (get shit done) energy that could be even more impactful in your work if you mastered both.

- You love what you do, but you want to integrate your spiritual / mindfulness practices into your work but you don’t know how to start.

- You're a successful professional earning a great salary – but deep down you know something is missing.

- Perhaps transitioning within your career and figuring out what to do next?

- You are ready to call in more financial prosperity (really, who isn’t?) 

- You know you’re meant for big things. But despite hours spent reading self-help books and listening to podcasts, you have no clue what your purpose is.


YES, that’s totally ME!


Then, you are ready to become IGNITED Member!

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- Vision you Love

- Unshakable Belief 

- Vibrational Signature & Alignment  

- Money Mindset 

- Business Foundation 

- High Performance & High Vibrational Habits

 - Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

- Taking Inspired Action 

 = Thriving Business & Life

You know you have been called to become fully alive…

The world needs more elevated consciousness in business and in life!


-       IGNITED Mastermind will help you see your unique gifts that you always had within you.

-       Discover your True Identity, by understanding your Masculine & Feminine aspects.

-       You will clear the subconscious fears / patterns that have been keeping you stuck and playing small.

-       Provide you with the tools to make intuitive and aligned choices through the masculine and feminine union — choices in all areas: self, life, relationships, work/career, business.

Here is what you will get when you enroll...  


- 6 months of Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Rasa  

- Lifetime access to Video Trainings and Recordings 

- High Vibe Private Community and Support Group 

- 2 x 1-to-1 Strategy Calls with Rasa 

- Small Group Accountability Structure 

- High Performance & Spiritual Tools 

- IGNITED Mastermind Transformation Guides and Business Toolkit 

- Short phone spot-coaching check-ins on an as-needed basis 


IGNITED will unleash your fullest feminine goddess essence and your most badass warrior need both to embody the highest expression of who you were meant to be and the create the most epic life you were meant to live.


I am Ready to become IGNITED!



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Emily, Executive Business Consultant for Government Agencies

As a senior executive leading an 80-person team, I constantly have a to-do list with a focus on getting things done. But while working with Rasa through her ‘Health to Wealth’ mastermind group, I realized the value of putting more intention behind my thinking, actions, and list. Rasa’s program provided practical actionable activities, a supportive group, and targeted one-on-one sessions with her – a powerful combination that helped me focus more clearly to get meaningful results.

Monika, HR Director

Rasa, I just wanted to say a BIG tank you for giving your all! This experience with you was a life changing for me. You are a true transformational coach. You inspired me to take action and start living life that I desire right here and now. You are a living and breathing example of how your life can change if follow your heart. I highly recommend this mastermind for others who want to find that spark in their life again. With Rasa’s energy and authentic life experiences she brings into this course you will definitely get to your NEXT LEVEL!

Mary, Private Equity

I just finished working with Rasa in her Mastermind and really loved the group that she pulled together of high energy women. She led us in some very tactical and practical exercises to set goals and really reach for the very best version of ourselves. The way that she did this, I felt it really beautifully combined that tactical, practical and goal setting with grounding and a really beautiful spiritual and playful energy as well. 

To me, it was a real blend of true divine feminine and masculine aspects of who she is to really harness that in each of the women that were part of the group. I loved her approach so much that I started working with her individually to really get clear on my personal life and might share my personal story. 

In the final session, each of us shared really what the practical outcome was of the work that we had done together as a group over the many weeks before. I was able to share that personal story with the group which was huge growth for me and learning to share my voice in a more direct and outward way. 

So, I just wanted to say if you want to leverage Rasa's background, she's got a phenomenal business background that she combines to provide beautiful insights in getting clear on how each of us can be the best version of ourselves, both in our work life, in our personal life and the amazing a blend of those two. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Zuzana, Investment Banking

During the past 5 months, Rasa has helped me change my life in ways I never imagined

We as humans always face challenges personally or professionally. Rasa is a compassionate, intuitive person and has an incredible empathic ability to help others sort through these difficult or challenging circumstances. During our IGNITED Mastermind, she helped me identify my goals, encouraged me to go to my next level and helped me to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Her coaching has been very transformative and I feel so blessed to call her a friend and coach. Rasa is a transcendent soul and I will forever be thankful!

I think everybody deserves a coach, but Rasa is not just another high performance coach or transformational teacher. She is a gift that cannot be easily categorized. Her authentic approach, guidance and perception are instrumental in providing the focus and clarity to define what my intentions are, to set them, and move towards them. Working with Rasa has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and I definitely recommend everybody working with her.

Rasa encouraged me to explore my creative side to facilitate open feelings and thinking. After each session I felt a renewed sense of purpose and energy in my life. I highly recommend Rasa as a coach! Having IGNITED Mastermind session with her on my calendar motivated me to actively consider my current state and work consistently on getting to my next level. Her attentive listening, adept intuition, and candid advice combines into a powerful experience that is soothing as well as provoking. Thank you Rasa DiSalvo!

Meghan, Operations Director

I cannot be more grateful for Rasa and her authentic generosity. Rasa is genuinely invested in her clients' best interests. I took Rasa's Health-To-Wealth Mastermind class and I wish I had taken it sooner (like years ago)! She gave me the knowledge and courage to embody a whole new outlook on managing my personal finances and retirement goals, which I was able to put into action immediately and yield better-than-expected results for my piggybank and peace of mind. Thank you Rasa, I look forward to learning more from you!

Kimberly, Attorney

Rasa is such an amazing transformational teacher! Her empathy, enthusiasm, and joy are powerful. The most impactful part of the group experience for me was witnessing the struggles of others.  It is clear that so many of us are struggling day-to-day with finding our true north, hearing our inner voice, and soothing our conditioned fears. Hearing the struggles of others helps me feel more empowered over my own suffering.  The tools Rasa provided to think about my fears and desires more concretely was also very valuable. 

Courtney, Musician and Creative 

I had been thinking about joining a mastermind for several years ever since I learned about them through a friend. When I met Rasa I was immediately inspired by her story, sincerity, and positivity. I knew I wanted to level up my marketing and music businesses and the timing could not have been more perfect. Over the past 5 months, I made a new music video and had a great release show to support its premier, I started a new romantic relationship that I had been dreaming of for years, I found clarity on how to structure the marketing side of my business, and with Rasa's encouragement, I was able to hire my first assistant to help me keep my music business running so I can focus on my marketing clients, along with writing and practicing music.  Meeting weekly really helped me to step into a place of accountability with my goals and with my mindset. The shift in mindset I experienced was probably the most impactful part of this all for me. I still had some old beliefs around money that seemed to be holding me back but now I am able to trust that everything is coming together for me, and it continues to grow and fold in that direction every day. I also really enjoyed the book recommendations and the community support from the other members of the mastermind who I am still in touch with.   I can't express enough gratitude for Rasa and her support on my journey. I know that this self-love and discovery path is a never-ending process but she definitely helped to launch me closer to my goals. I am so excited to continue onward, knowing that the best is yet to come.   

Cara, Director of Transportations

Working with Rasa through the Ignite Mastermind has been expansive! Through our mastermind I was able to connect my career and personal development goals through an engaging and versatile toolkit of techniques. Rasa is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide through life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams. She is an expert in time and energy management and taught our mastermind her techniques to apply in our personal and professional lives. Rasa offers a beautiful 360 degree approach to raise the level of all aspects of life and sharing this journey with an incredible group of women has made it life changing.