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Hosted by Rasa DiSalvo, High-Peformance Coach

You know the most common regret people have in life?

That they didn't live a life authentic to themselves followed what their heart truly desired.

And you know what is the number one reason most people don't?

Money!!!...Or more exact...their belief about money (money mindset).

So what really gets in the way?

Consider Money Mindset as a water faucet…there is always water available, but you are just open or closed to the source of it! There is an endless amount of money available to you, you just may not be able to see it because your money beliefs are blocking it. You don’t see the water coming out, so you assume it’s not there or not available to you...
The closed faucet – is a result of a POOR mindset.  And it stands for… 
P   -   assing         
O  -   ver               
O  -  pportunities
R   -  epeatedly    

This is a SYNDROME, because it is the result of several symptoms all coming together and resulting in a poor mindset.
·      "I can't afford this" someone may say (ex: start a business, take that dream vacation, move to a different city). Which is based on the belief that they can only do what they know how to do. Thus never seeking to elevate.

·      The attitude of "cannot afford" is an excuse we give ourselves for not stretching ourselves beyond our current limits.

·      What are we passing over? The OPPORTUNITY to grow, to increase the knowledge so that we can increase the actions, and get better results!

·      More powerful question: how can I afford this? This question opens your imagination, creativity, resourcefulness, and options.

What is one thing you really want that you
"can't afford to”…

Now ask instead “How can I make this happen for myself?"

This workshop will be all about setting powerful intentions, expanding our money mindset, and creating the path towards financial freedom.

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